René Sachse hasn´t been lost!

Overtaken three times, finished last position, still won

René SachseRené Sachse (Thuringia) starts for the bicycle club RC Gera 92. He finished last position at the German championship in the individual time trial.                                                              Photo: Wolfgang Schuh

Interview by DIRK KUNZ

Army employee René Sachse is the current Thuringian state champion in the individual time trail. So he qualified for the German championship in Einhausen (Hessia) this year. At this race last week the amateur bicycle rider finished last (29th) place. The winner several time world champion Tony Martin was in average more than six miles (10 Kilometer) faster.

Mister Sachse, you finished last place at the German Championship in the individual time trail, with a huge gap to the winner. Have you been lost?
René Sachse: No, but if I had, I don’t know, whether I would have realized it immediately, because I had to ride without an escort vehicle. I had to refrain such a luxury, which is standard for professional riders.
Tell me, wasn’t it a little bit depressing, that Tony Martin was 13 minutes faster than you on the circuit?
René Sachse: But he hasn’t worked on the day before the German championship in his former job as police officer and he didn’t have to drive on the same evening to the race, arriving there late at night or even had to attend the team leader meeting at ten o clock on the racing morning. I am absolutely convinced, that I could have been three minutes faster, if I optimized some tools in my daily training routine. But you have to see it from a positive point of view: I belong to the 29 fastest bicycle riders in Germany
How did you prepare for the race?
René Sachse: I tried to attend as many individual time trails under racing conditions as possible, this is the only way to get the toughness of races. Otherwise I trained a lot with my time trial bike on the Velodrome in my home town Gera.
With what intention do you enter such a race? Do you tell to yourself: I don’t want to be last?
René Sachse: I was always realistic. I hardly had a chance, among professional riders. The circuit was 26 miles, nine miles longer than my usual time trials. There were a lot of little ascents, which you realize only in the race. The atmosphere was great, by the way.
How many times have you been overtaken?
René Sachse: I started as 13th rider and three riders passed me. That hardly happens at the time trials I usually start. But I expected this at this top class race.
And what will happen next year?
René Sachse:  In 2016 I definitely want to be there again. I won a lot of experience and with some changes at my equipment I am sure, I will be some seconds faster.

The 34 year old bicycle rider lives in Gera (Thuringia) and works at the army in Augsburg. He rides between 8000 and 10000 miles (13- to 16.000 Km) a year. His next goal is the Masters Cycling Classic end of August 2015.

René Sachse with 54 Km/h (34 mph) at the finish line at the German championship in Einhausen (Hessia) Photo: Angie Haase

René Sachse with 54 Km/h (34 mph) at the finish line at the German championship in Einhausen (Hessia) Photo: Angie Haase

Translation into the English language: Dirk Kunz & Petra Exner-Tekampe


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